Spring Clean Up

Spring clean ups are important to promote a healthy lawn.  Lawn Kings are able to visit your property and blow out all of the fallen buds and debris from your flower beds and nearby areas.

Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned, we’ll cut your lawn to finish.  During the springtime, we recommend rolling, aerating and fertilizing your lawn to give it the best chance for growth throughout the summer months.

Fall Clean Up

Leaving all of your fall leaves to rest on your property is damaging to your lawn. If leaves are not removed in a timely fashion, they can cause areas of your lawn to die off and appear sparse.

As with spring clean ups, Lawn Kings will visit your property, remove all of the leaves from your property, and if selected we can cut and trim your lawn to give it a clean appearance.  We recommend aerating or fertilizing your lawn with a fall fertilizer to prepare your lawn for the up-coming winter.