Lawn maintenance involves much more than simple lawn mowing. As experts in lawn care, we strive to offer a pro-active approach to providing aesthetically pleasing solutions for any of your lawn or landscaping needs.

Our staff have over 15 years experience in lawn and landscaping and with our knowledge and experience we ensure that we can help your lawn grow and be healthier than ever.

We also provide scheduled lawn cutting, trimming and cleanup services to keep your grounds green and healthy throughout the year. Talk to us about our aerating, rolling and fertilizing packages which start at $120.00 (based on a 4000 sq. ft. yard).

Our Lawn Maintenance Services

There are a variety of services provided by our lawn care specialists, these include:

  •  Lawn analysis and treatment assessment
  •  Lawn repair
  •  Mowing and edging
  •  Lawn fertilizing
  •  Weeding
  •  Pest and/or disease treatment
  •  Aeration
  •  Irrigation system maintenance and repair
  •  Trimming
  •  Mulching
  •  Clean-up and refuse removal